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Remote Sensing

Remote sensing provides detailed explanations about the different types of rocks and their structures through the processing and analysis of satellite imageries, based on their resolutions and drawing scales. The processed outputs come in form of images, printed maps, or digital data. The Department collaborates with the state's sectors that are concerned with remote sensing in order to develop areas of mutual interests. The Department is also concerned with the synergy of works and the verification of outputs with other units in the Department in adherence to SGS standards.

Satellite Imagery Processing Unit


  • Establishment of integrated digital database for satellite imageries and its periodic updates
  • Provision of the necessary data and satellite imageries to support SGS works and activities
  • Processing, preparation, and correction of digital data using appropriate methods and facilities
  • Presentation of trainings, qualifying programs, scientific contributions, advisory experiences, and the required devices and equipment in order to develop effective remote sensing works
  • Processing and improvement of satellite imageries

Spatial Research and Studies Unit


  • Interpretation of digital and visual data for earth science applications, deduction of the variants of natural and unnatural phenomena, and the provision of solutions and suggestions in mapping these phenomena
  • Establishment of an integrated digital database for the spectral impressions of rocks and minerals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Conduct of scientific research and studies and the provision of technical consultations for the SGS and external projects
  • Connecting the works of the spatial analysis of remote sensing systems and the applications of geographic information systems in the earth sciences and their applications in spatial consultations and research
  • Collaboration with internal and external research establishments in the presentation of technical papers on the uses of remote sensing and the geographic information systems in the earth sciences
  • Provision of programs for training, scientific contributions, and advisory expertise and for the devices and equipment required to develop spatial studies and research to achieve integration between the objectives of remote sensing uses and the geographic information systems