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Marine Geology

Marine research in the SGS deal with the study of marine sediments, focused on their sources, provenance, classification, granulometry, and compositions, as well as their transport mechanisms to and in the marine environment and their geomorphological aggradation along the coastal areas. Marine research also includes oceanographic studies on currents, sea temperatures, salinity, seawater quality, and seabed topography. These studies produce maps of the sediments and waters of the local marine environments, which are of importance in applied marine studies, such as in marine pollution and the impacts of sediments on the coral reef system.


  • Provision of environmental assessment and consultations with the government authorities and the private sector.
  • Establishment of SGS cooperation with international and local research institutes and organizations for the joint conduct of research in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf.
  • Publication of scientific papers and books on SGS marine studies.
  • Conduct of the comprehensive geological, marine, and environmental studies on the islands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for geotourism.

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Current Projects of 2018:

  1. Study on the characteristics of the seabed for the surface bank and its environmental importance.
  2. Study on the characteristics of the seabed and their environmental significance for Jazan region.
  3. Preparation of the book on the geological setting, paleoenvironment, and archaeology of the Red Sea.
  4. Preparation of the book on the oceanographic and biological aspects of the Red Sea.
  5. Study of the characteristics of the coastal and marine sediments of Amlaj City and the Hassaan Mountain.