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Future Strategic Vision

In order to translate this future vision into a reality, the SGS is looking forward to adopt advanced technologies for aerial surveying to better serve its surveying and exploration programs as well as its environmental geology programs. This can be achieved through partnership and collaboration with leading international institutions in these technological areas.

In the field of information technology

the SGS is looking forward in employing modern technologies of GIS systems for geologic mapping in order to be able to produce all types of maps by digital means and by using 3D mapping techniques.

In terms of building and developing databases

the SGS shall disseminate integrated geoscience databases through the internet in order to provide these sectors of society that are concerned with earth science to make extensive use of these database.

In the areas of consultancy and services

the SGS is considering expanding its activities in the future to include the provision of these services to the GCC countries and to any other countries through mutually defined agreements.

The SGS shall set up a specialized training center in the future to ensure the high-quality training and advancement of its technical staff in order to increase production efficiency, improve functional performance, and develop the capabilities of individuals in their respective fields of work.