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Geophysical surveys

What are the most common types of geophysical surveys?

The most common geophysical surveys fall within several types, namely:

[ Gravity surveys , Magnetic surveys , Electrical surveys , Electromagnetic surveys , Radiometric surveys , Seismic surveys , Radar surveys , Downhole caliper surveys ]

Surveys are conducted for different purposes. At the regional level, large areas are surveyed both on the ground and from an aircraft, and at the local level, specific sites, such as mineral reservoirs, are surveyed on the ground, with airborne instruments, or from within drill holes in the ground.

What are the surveys conducted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Geophysical surveys were conducted since the twenties of the last century in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The surveys in the Eastern Province include magnetic surveys, aerial and terrestrial gravity surveys, seismic surveys, and surveys conducted in drill holes for the exploration for oil. Saudi Aramco archives these data.

Magnetic surveys and radioactive and gravity terrestrial surveys were conducted in the central and western provinces for the purpose of conducting regional studies on the structures of the Arabian Shield that date back to the Precambrian Era and the sedimentary rocks of the Phanerozoic Eon. Other surveys were conducted for mineral exploration, and the Saudi Geological Survey archives these data.

Other important geophysical studies include those conducted by other universities and institutes, focusing on the deep crust of the Arabian Plate and the Red Sea.