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Air Transportation

Air support is one of the General Directorate of the Technical Support Departments. It provides aircraft services to support SGS employees and external clients with services for technical programs and projects in areas that are difficult to reach by normal field vehicles It helps in the study of earthquakes and volcanoes areas, which saving time and efforts. In addition, using the fleet for many SGS exploration projects and visiting areas in the Empty Quarter, marine survey projects and fossil projects (exploration and study of ancient lakes sediments and fossils).


A helicopter (Bell 206) during a geochemical survey.


A helicopter (Bell 206) during an exploration program

The aircrafts are operated and maintained according to the regulations of the General Authority of Civil Aviation by the SGS pilots and technicians, who are specialized in these fields.

Available Services

- Serving the aircraft with the barn

- Maintenance of structures, engines, and aircraft electronics

- Maintenance of aircraft batteries

- Provision of maintenance services outside of Jeddah City

- Examination of the aircraft (RII)

- Processing of technical records

- Rental of aircraft, maintenance tools, and equipment

Aircraft Types

Air Craft: BELL 206
Number of Engines : 2
Maximum Speed :  273 km/h
Flight Range : 722 km
Maximum Passengers : 6
Maximum Fuel Endurance : 4.5 Hours
Cabin Volume : 204 cu. Ft.
Air conditioner : YES
Air Craft: BELL 206
Number of Engines : 1
Maximum Speed :  219 km/h
Flight Range : 684 km
Maximum Passengers : 3
Maximum Fuel Endurance : 3.5 Hours
Cabin Volume : 40 cu. Ft.
Air conditioner : NO

Bell 429, ground materials, tools and equipment


Ground materials, tools and equipment.


The Bell 206, ground materials, tools, and equipment.