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Geochemical Survey Division’s Activities

The Geochemical Survey Program aims to conduct a general geochemical survey of the regional areas to create a geochemical atlas of Saudi Arabia. The program includes the collection of valley sediments and the determination of their chemical contents, about 60 elements, and the generation of databases and geochemical maps that can be used in mineral exploration, land use planning, and environmental assessment. In mineral exploration, geochemical reconnaissance surveys aid in providing preliminary information on areas with high concentrations of certain elements, which indicate the presence of ores of gold, copper, zinc, lead, nickel, and REEs. The database and geochemical maps will also provide preliminary information in planning the establishments or expansions of cities, villages, and agricultural areas by identifying the distribution areas and extents of some environmentally relevant elements, such as arsenic, mercury, lead, radioactive elements, and other toxic elements that can be harmful to the ecosystem and human health.


Current Targets

  1. Creation of a geochemical atlas of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Preparation of complementary research and guidance studies, aimed at promoting the effective uses of geochemistry in mineral exploration.
  3. Identification of areas that host potential mineral deposits in order to assist mining companies to find and obtain new mineral exploration areas.
  4. Creation of a high quality geochemical database that can be used in geologic mapping, land use planning, environmental assessment, etc.
  5. Creation of an international geochemical map.
  6. Testing of new geochemical methods.
  7. Training of junior geochemists.