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Geology Databases

Spatial Databases Unit

The SGS is the primary source of scientific information about mineral resources in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is the main reference agency for geological explorations and mining projects. This information is stored and saved using several methods and in different places, whether in the form of printed reports, photographed geologic maps or in electronic files. Here, the role of the Software and Databases Department supports and develops the appropriate software applications to save and standardize data, which is considered as a significant investment of the state to effectively and efficiently prepare and provide information to the different sectors of the state and to the investors.


  • Provision of structures and designs for and the development of spatial databases for the different fields of earth sciences
  • Issuance of technical reports in the form of electronic datasheets, statistical reports, charts, and other digital products
  • Preparation of the user’s manual for the system
  • Preparation for the inquiries about the data required from the database for the different technical departments of the SGS, with the appropriate formats, links, and digital processing to produce graphical and digital outputs

Spatial Applications Unit

The Spatial Applications Unit is concerned with the programming and the development of the electronic applications for the web and office applications of earth sciences in the SGS. This is achieved through the representations of spatial and non-spatial data and information in the SGS webpages, technical reports, and maps.


  • Design and development of electronic applications and software in the earth sciences for the use of the SGS
  • Preparation of a user’s manual for spatial applications
  • Development of electronic services that are provided in the web applications
  • Development and periodic maintenance of electronic applications by monitoring the recurrent errors and finding suitable solutions for these errors
  • Training of the technical staff on the use of the software for the electronic spatial applications
  • Geological Explorer Application

The interface of the geological explorer application showing the SGS’s classes of information in the spatial databases