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Medical Geology

Medical geology is an emerging and dynamic field of the earth sciences that combines geology, biomedicine, and community health to solve and address environmental health problems. It is the science dealing with the relationships between natural geological factors and health in man and animals, as well as with the understanding and analysis of the influences of the natural environmental factors on the geographical distribution of health problems.

The SGS examines the importance of the impacts of rocks, minerals, soils, and water, as well as dust-laden winds, on human and animal health by understanding the relationships between the naturally occurring elements and those elements resulting from human activities and our environment and health.

Current Targets:

The preparation and creation of a geomedical map of Saudi Arabia with the data on the concentrations of heavy and toxic elements in the different geologic environments, including those of the rocks, soils, waters, vegetation, and airborne particles, that may negatively affect the general health of humans and animals.


2018 Projects:

- Geomedical map of the Madina Region (2017-2020).