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Objectives of Center

  1. Ensuring the sustainability of the sources of water that supply the blessed Zamzam water from quantitative and qualitative perspectives
  2. Supervision of all works related to the blessed Zamzam Well through the quality program on filtration, sterilization, and preservation of the blessed Zamzam water in both Mecca and Medina
  3. Monitoring and assessment of urban activities to minimize their negative impacts on the water balance in Mecca
  4. Update on the study of environmental assessment of the pollution sources inside the Wadi Ibrahim basin through a continuous monitoring program
  5. Development of a database on geological, engineering geology, hydraulics, hydrogeological, and eco-geological information for the Well
  6. Review, assessment, and approval of the studies that provide the technical consultations for governmental and private projects and conduct technical studies to achieve the hydrogeological balance for the region
  7. Reinforcement on the records of monitoring the quality of groundwater and its geochemical, physical, and biological characteristics of the blessed Zamzam water and the valleys surrounding Mecca
  8. The sharing the works of the Water Security Committee with the Center and the update of the record on the quality of water that is pumped by the network in Mecca and the sacred places to achieve the water quality in accordance with the approved local and international standards
  9. The monitoring and the study of the geologic hazards and those caused by human activities and the recommendations for the most appropriate solutions to prevent these hazards and to mitigate their impacts
  10. Application of Riyadh’s digital model to Wadi Ibrahim basin in analyzing the effects of the movement and quantity of groundwater within the basin in order to contribute to the sustainability of water sources for the blessed Zamzam Well
  11. Activation of the pumping and operating program by determining the appropriate monthly and annual quantities of water that is pumped from the Well
  12. Development and maintenance of the automatic monitoring devices on the levels and characteristics of groundwater within the well network in the basin of Wadi Ibrahim as well as on the weather monitoring stations to augment the database for the basin