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Overview of Center

The Zamzam Studies and Research Center was established in 1421 AH, based on the Royal Order No. 1305 of 9/9/1421 AH, assigning the SGS to fully supervise the extraction and sterilization of the blessed Zamzam water, in addition to the tasks assigned to the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources as per the Royal Order No. 1105/M8 of 1/11/1408 to preserve the blessed Zamzam water and its quality and quantity. Consequently, the Center started with a sequence of survey projects to identify, determine, and monitor the water sources, provide the information required to manage the Zamzam water, and address the increasing annual demand from the local inhabitants and the pilgrims.


The blessed Zamzam spring inside the well at the level of stone scale of mud (Kushok, 1983).

Since its establishment, the Center has been monitoring the status of the Well continuously and checking the outputs of filtration, sterilization, and storage stations in Mecca and Madina. This is carried out through the quality program for these stations and the follow up of the development projects in Wadi Ibrahim and the surrounding areas.


Cross section for the blessed Zamzam Well (Kushok, 1983)


The modern monitoring device of the Zamzam Well