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Through its website, the Saudi Geological Survey seeks to facilitate access to its knowledge asset and make it available to readers, researchers and investors in various high-end means and tools. SGS has a broad base of scientific production, which is the harvest of many years of studies, researches, and many works and projects in the fields related to geoscience, surveying, mining, geological hazards, hydrological, geochemical, geophysical research…etc.

The scientific outputs of SGS include technical reports, maps, books, research, scientific studies and satellite images prepared by specialized researchers in Arabic and English, which are available to be utilized by researchers and those interested in such valuable and documented information.

Outputs of SGS

Scientific publications are available in digital and printed form.
Users can search the electronic catalog through the link (My Library).

Technical Work Program

The Planning Department annually approves the Technical Work Program, which represents the operational plan of SGS, in line with the five-year plan of SGS. The Technical Work Program includes the technical project data, such as the objectives, the target sites, the start date and duration of the project and the members of the project.