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Remote Sensing Applications, Fields, and Services Provided by the SGS

Identification of the locations of marshes

The data of the US Landsat 8 were used in mapping out the distribution of marshes by using salinity models for the study area. It was compared with the sites of marshes that were previously mapped. A model was created to find new marshes, so that larger marsh areas be can also be identified.

Assessment and exploration for renewable energy sources

MODIS (MOD 11A1) data are used to detect the surface temperatures of the Mecca region, which can be used to map the rock distribution in the region in order to identify and assess its renewable energy resources.


Geologic Mapping

Satellite imageries were processed to obtain a detailed resolution of the photograph of a study area, its geologic structures, and its different rock features


Resulting satellite imagery after primary processing and corrections


Modelled  image processing followed by processing using the ERDAS IMAGINE Software


A satellite map detailing the different types of rocks