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Strategic Criteria and Controls

SGS has been keen to prepare its strategy to serve as a guide to the expected future growth paths in the Kingdom and to achieve its long-term objectives and has adopted a set of basic criteria and controls to develop its strategy, namely:

  • The strategy will be the basic approach for the operation of SGS.
  • The strategy will achieve the general aims and strategic objectives of the State.
  • The strategy will respond to and accommodate any changes at the administrative and technical levels of SGS.
  • The strategy will be flexible to facilitate the implementation of its short- and long-term programs.
  • The strategy will be implemented through procedures that are easy to handle and apply.
  • The strategy will be compatible with the requirements of modern times and adopt modern technology.
  • The strategy will achieve the mechanism of cooperation and joint work with government and private bodies.
  • The strategy will seek to reduce operating and development costs.