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SGS Strategic Programs

Four main categories of the SGS strategic programs:

  1. High Priority Programs: Programs geared towards the provision of basic geoscientific products and services, such as geologic survey programs, mineral resources programs, and geohazards monitoring programs.
  2.  Applied Geology Programs: Programs geared towards community service, welfare, and security, such as geohazard programs, environmental geology programs, and engineering geology programs.
  3. IT and Technical Support Programs: Programs that are intended to support other programs and projects to facilitate the handling of all types of data and information.
  4. Advisory Programs: Programs that are intended to serve certain entities or projects for a fee.

High Priority Programs

Geological surveys, mineral exploration, and geohazards monitoring programs are that are compatible with the State’s objectives and strategies and are achieved by the provision of development and security services similar to the other development and security services fully performed and supervised by the State, and are fully entrusted to the SGS in accordance with the SGS Statute.

The geohazards monitoring program, particularly the seismic monitoring program, is aimed at monitoring and recording earthquake occurrences in the Kingdom as well as in neighboring countries. The program provides the concerned authorities in the State with geohazard information.

Targets of the Strategic Programs:
  • Preparation of regional, detailed, and collective geological maps of different scales to support geoscientific research and to serve the cartographic needs of all sectors of the State.
  • Prospecting for mineral resources, metallic and non-metallic, onshore and offshore and their assessment and development investment opportunities.
  • Search for water resources and the conduct of studies that are related to the provisions of water for mining and other projects.
  • Monitoring and analyses of the results of earthquake monitoring to identify their locations and magnitudes as well as the monitoring and warning against their aftershocks.

Applied Geology Programs

These programs are aimed at providing suitable solutions to problems arising from geological hazards and the environment as well as in providing advisory information and strategies on the structural aspects of the surface and sub-surface areas.

Targets of the Applied Geology Programs:
  • Evaluation of current hazardous events, preparation of studies on the characterization and documentation of these hazards, proposing appropriate solutions to reduce their adverse effects and raising awareness of prevention measures.
  • Studies about environmental problems that result from geological and mining activities and from engineering construction projects and activities in order to develop appropriate solutions and reduce their detrimental effects.
  • Studies on engineering structural aspects and the provisions of consultations and proposals that are appropriate solutions to engineering problems.

IT & Technical Support Programs

These are service programs that were set up to provide supports and assistance to all projects of the SGS in the areas of 1) information technology and computing, GIS, and remote sensing 2) chemical, mineralogical, and petrologic laboratory services for water, minerals, rocks, and sediments, 3) environmental services, and 4) industrial applications are a possible end targets for geological survey activities, mineral exploration, and groundwater resources mapping and development.

Targets of the IT & Technical Support Programs
  • Development and updating of the infrastructure for the SGS computer networks and communications systems and the provision and set up of technical and administrative systems and programs for all personnel of the SGS.
  • Design and development of a national geoscience database, provision of GIS services, and updating of the SGS website.
  • Support and assistance for the technical works of the SGS, the government, and the private sectors in the area of remote sensing.
  • Chemical analyses and geologic studies relating to the surveying and mineral exploration programs and environmental, industrial, and engineering studies.
  • Publication and dissemination of scientific reports and other media that document the SGS activities and achievements.

Advisory Programs

The main objective of these programs is to conduct development and advisory programs of government agencies and the private sector in order to carry out specialized earth science studies. In this regard, SGS has developed a contracting mechanism for the implementation of these development and advisory activities.

Targets of the Advisory Programs:
  • Offer of advisory services related to geological exploration.
  • Implementation of specialized studies to assess the adverse environmental impacts resulting from urban and industrial expansion activities and mining and the dumping of waste.
  • Implementation of engineering and environmental geology studies that are necessary for construction projects in their different phases of implementation.
  • Offer of laboratory and drilling equipment, camp preparation, aircraft leasing, and other related services, which are needed and provided in joint projects with the government or private sector.