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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that affects human beings and their property. Since it is difficult to prevent this natural phenomenon, it imperative for us to live with it and to understand its causes, how to deal with it and the extent to which its risks can be minimized. All countries, whether of high or low seismicity, are seeking to establish intensive seismic monitoring networks rather than waiting for the disaster to happen, especially after the earthquake that took place in South-East Asia and its associated heavy losses caused by the tsunami that coincided with it. Every year, the world faces many natural hazards that cause multiple human disasters that lead to massive loss of property and human lives. Earthquakes are the most serious of these disasters due to the devastation they cause by reason of the element of surprise that they involve. It is known that the most sever type of earthquakes afflicting mankind is tectonic earthquakes, which are centered around the edges of the plates of the earth’s crust. Moreover, the movement of volcanic magma causes weak to medium tremors that may result in some limited losses, in addition to the damage than can be caused by volcanic flows and ejecta of all kinds to all things within their reach.