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Environmental Impacts and Occupational Safety of Mining Activities

Environmental studies and the occupational safety of mining activities are concerned with the study, assessment, and follow up of mining projects through the evaluation of their environmental impacts that result from mining processes and handling in order to protect and preserve the environment. These studies are also intended to find ways and strategies to develop and improve the occupational safety of those working in the mines.



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  • Assessment of environmental impact on mining activities
  • Environmental verification of mining activities
  • Rehabilitation of mines and quarries
  • Study on the ways of mitigating the impacts of mining activities
  • Planning and execution of the studies on the occupational safety and health of mining activities
  • Assessment of occupational safety and health systems and the methods of applying them to mining activities
  • Preparation of environmental maps that delineate the sources of pollutants and illustrate their concentration and diffusion pathways in the region under study